Custom Software Development

Even though free and open source applications are available literally everywhere, the need for custom made software solutions that fit your specific business model is not going away.

Agile approach

By applying agile software methodologies we can shorten the time between an idea and a finished product. We like to work closely with you in order to understand your existing technology stack and precisely identify your future needs.

Frequent client feedback helps us to reduce software development risk by quickly responding to any corrections or possible requirement changes. We deliver software more frequently and like to stay close to the client throughout the project lifetime.

Guided by Agile values

Softray Solutions team is dedicated to creating great software based on your specific needs with the unique focus on agile development methodology.


Individual needs and user interactions rather than processes and tools


Client is constantly informed and very closely involved in the production process


The development work takes precedence over completion of formalities


Make changes promptly and include them in the product development cycle

Quality and continuous integration

We speed up development time and improve software quality by using continuous integration, automated quality tests, automated deployment, and test driven development technique. With this approach any kind of integration problems are detected instantly and fixed quickly.

This continuous delivery of working software increase stakeholder visibility and ensure that customer requirements are understood and meet in a timely manner.

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We will shape your project with sharp design and top-notch functions

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